Call for Papers: The MGU Journal of Liberal Arts Studies “Karuchuru”

  • 2022年 06月10日
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The Meiji Gakuin Center for Liberal Arts is now accepting applications for its annual journal “Karuchuru”.

The journal publishes papers in the areas of liberal arts education, language education, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, and invites manuscripts in two categories: research papers and study reports.

Those interested in submitting to the journal this year should complete the attached application form and return it to the Center office on the 3rdfloor of building 1 on Yokohama campus.

Application deadline:  July 6, 2022(Wed)

Deadlines for manuscripts:
ⅠResearch paper (peer-reviewed):  October 3, 2021(Mon)
ⅡStudy report (non-peer-reviewed):  December 2, 2021(Fri)

Depending on the number of research paper submissions accepted, space available for study reports may be limited.

When submitting, please write “Karuchuru manuscript” and your name in the email subject line and on the submission envelope.




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